7 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Fashion Consumption Responsible

Have you ever felt guilty glancing into your wardrobe and seeing how many pieces you literally never wear? Well don’t blame yourself, it may not be your fault!

For years the fashion industry has been caught up in a high speed churn and burn cycle, that we’ve all been trying to keep up with. Fashion makes us feel good about ourselves, and chasing the newest, hottest trend can be frighteningly addictive. With the recent proliferation of retail giants like H & M, Zara and Uniqlo in Australia, it has become easier and easier to overconsume.

But a new consciousness about the detrimental effects of irresponsible fashion consumption has emerged, and designers and consumers are taking a stand, and saying no to big business. A movement towards ethical design means that there are more opportunities than ever to say no to fast fashion. If this is all news to you, read our page The Perils of Fast Fashion.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we have put together seven easy ways to start using fashion responsibly, which are a cinch to fit into your lifestyle.

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The Perils of Fast Fashion and how Clothing Hire Promotes Sustainability

We here at All The Dresses are obviously huge supporters of the clothing hire industry in Australia. But it’s not just because we love being able to wear beautiful designer dresses at a fraction of retail cost. We know that by renting designer pieces, instead of buying items we’ll only wear once, we are doing our bit to help the environment. If you haven’t read much on the topic or watched one of the great documentaries produced in recent years, you’re probably thinking that’s a pretty long bow, but trust us, the evidence will shock you!

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