7 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Fashion Consumption Responsible

Have you ever felt guilty glancing into your wardrobe and seeing how many pieces you literally never wear? Well don’t blame yourself, it may not be your fault!

For years the fashion industry has been caught up in a high speed churn and burn cycle, that we’ve all been trying to keep up with. Fashion makes us feel good about ourselves, and chasing the newest, hottest trend can be frighteningly addictive. With the recent proliferation of retail giants like H & M, Zara and Uniqlo in Australia, it has become easier and easier to overconsume.

But a new consciousness about the detrimental effects of irresponsible fashion consumption has emerged, and designers and consumers are taking a stand, and saying no to big business. A movement towards ethical design means that there are more opportunities than ever to say no to fast fashion. If this is all news to you, read our page The Perils of Fast Fashion.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we have put together seven easy ways to start using fashion responsibly, which are a cinch to fit into your lifestyle.

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5 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Australian Designers

Sustainability has become a huge talking point in fashion in the past few years, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to work out where to start doing your bit for the planet and the people on it. Aussies are a environmentally smart and socially conscious bunch, so naturally there are some amazing designers that are not only killing it with their collections, but also in their approach to protecting our earth and vulnerable people within the fashion industry. Check out the ultra-chic threads created by these ethical brands, and start feeling good about your fashion choices.

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7 of the Hottest New Restaurants for a Chic Girls Night Out in 2018

Delicious food? Check. Vino? Check. Gorgeous design? Check. With the year quickly flashing before our eyes at blink and you’ll miss it speed, it’s time to stop, breathe and carve out some quality time with friends that you haven’t seen in far too long. A wave of new restaurants have recently opened to great acclaim in Australia, so it’s the perfect time to indulge with besties and sample the gourmet fare that some of the country’s best chefs have been working on. These divine restaurants also feature curated drinks that stand up to their culinary counterparts, so they are the perfect place to catch up on gossip over an exquisite meal. We have wrapped up the newest and most exciting culinary destinations for you to visit in 2018, so whip your diary out and organise a date with your long lost gal pals today.

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These Summer Beauty Tips From Your Favourite Bloggers Are Gold

Okay girls – it’s finally Summer, and it is going to be a hot one! That means it’s time to ditch your wintery frame of mind and the beauty routines that go along with it – and invigorate your look for the new season. Summer means long days with friends by the water, with good times rolling into the hot nights. The look we love is glowing, quenched skin, gorgeous lit-from-within make-up and bronzed supple limbs. But how do those impossibly perfect blogger babes do it? This is your go-to guide – a round-up of the hottest tips our homegrown beauty bloggers have to offer.  Get ready to up your beauty game this Summer!

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The Most Glamorous New Year’s Eve Events to Welcome 2018

We don’t want to scare you but Christmas season is upon us … which also means New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! We all know that how you spend New Year’s Eve is how you will spend the year ahead – so of course it’s crucial that you do it in absolute style. With a slew of outstanding events on offer in the major cities of Australia it’s hard to know which to pick. We have compiled the most glamorous events by city, so you can be sure that you have chosen a winner. Once you have the event locked down you can focus on the important things – like putting together the ultimate look that will blow everyone away!

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6 Homegrown Influencers That Have Nailed Street Style

We all know the huge role that Instagram plays in our lives today, so what better way to inspire your style than adding some of our very own Aussie fashion influencers to your feed! We have put together a list of the best homegrown fashion influencers that have perfected the art of cool and edgy yet wearable street looks. Follow them today and never be short of style inspiration again.

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Five Fun First Date Spots in Sydney (and what to wear!)

Ahhh first dates. Love them or loathe them, we all want to make to the best first impression that we possibly can on our potential new beau. But when nerves are running high it can be impossible to think clearly! What’s a girl to do? To take the pressure off we have put together a one-stop guide to the most fun and interesting dates to be found in Sydney, complete with the perfect outfits to complement them. These destinations and gorgeous designer outfit ideas are guaranteed to get the conversation flowing and the sparks flying. You can thank us later – and don’t forget our wedding invite!

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